Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

Wanna Be A cool Teen?

             Hello everybody,how was your life? I hope you are in a good condition. Haha You feel something unusual? can you guess it? hhaha,okey for this post I will try to use english. But if I have a mistake please forgive me and tell me what is my mistake,okey?
                So, lets go to our business,this post is decided for teenagers who wanna be a cool teens. The way to be a cool teens  are 5 ways. This post is very important to try in your daily activity. So,let we discuss it.
  • 1.       First, Be a polite teen. If you are a polite teen,you will get many benefits. They are :  you can have many friends, Peoples will respect to you and they never want to hurt you, etc.

  • 2.       Second, Be a smart teen. If you have knowledge, you can go to anywhere. Without knowledge, someone maybe cant get what they want, they cant grow up, and cant increase their ability, so they will be unimportant people in this world.
  • 3.       Third, be a honest teen. Nowadays, Honest peoples are difficult to found it by others. Do you know? The most person who are looking for in this world is honest people. Because they have something that others dont have, good passion and trust worthy. So, dont you want to try to be honest people?
  • 4.       Fourth, dont give up,do the best and always try,try,try. You must have big spirit to face this world,to find something that we dont know before,to practice what you get (for good thing), etc.
  • 5.       Fifth, dont forget pray to our God. I am sure, if we pray to our God, all our problems will find the solution to broke it. We can survive in this world,we can feel quite although we have some problems.

Okey, I will take the conclusion. The conclusion is we must have spirit and passion to try that ways, dont give up and always try if you fault. This is the end of my post. If I have a mistake, please forgive me. Wassalam

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